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01.11.04 (12:58 pm)   [edit]
You have to hear about my new year's Eve, it was AWESOME, even though its ten days after, I forgot to write about it then, so Im writing about it now, so...and to really understand this, you really have to know me better, I think you should check out my profile, if that doesnt explain anything, just ask me a question, I dont bite...unless provoked
believe me, you want to read this...I would want to read this if I werent the one writing it, but Im gonna read it again anyways, for proofreading purposes, but......ok, I was at this really awesome party, at some guy's house, I really actually cant remember whose, but some guy I know, Im sure, I think it was Jordan's, or Dan's and I was just walkin around, talking to people, drinkin punch, (yes, PUNCH..not the spiked kind either...yukkk) mingling, talking to people that I had never really bothered to meet, havin a lot of fun, the time went by fast, and at about 15 minutes to midnight, my misson was clear, yes, I had everything planned out, I was good, and so anyways, It was about 15 minutes to midnight, everyone was huddled around 4 different tv's, showing Dick Clark at Times' Square, the tv's kinda set up like stations almost, all in separate areas and all, since there were so many people, so I labeled them in my mind, TV 1: East Living room ; TV 2: Kitchen ; TV 3: West Living Room ; TV 4: Downstairs ; right, and I had estimated there were about 15-20 people at each "station", my mission, yes, to find out which station Travis was located, get closer, and not look too, there I am, TV 1, in the living room, there is Travis..oh..and what is this??? some girl...hanging around....flliiirrrttinngg with my Travvy, hey, dont touch that...its private property girly...oh, good, he's not buying it..oh oh oh!!!!, TEN.....NINE.....EIGHT.....SEVEN....SIX.....FIVE.......FOUR......THREE....( i move in closer, he notices me, he smiles) TWO.....ONE.....*Ball drops* *cheers* *Travis is looking at noone but me*, I walk over, shout, "Happy New Year!!", and give him a hug....and was one of those moments where, if it was a movie, you would've put on the song "This Magic Moment" for the whole, feel of it, kinda like in know the scene....ya, he leaned in, I fell backwords on to the couch, (seriously, accidently, I tripped over a cup, or something) and he fell on top of me, mostly bcuz of balance problems, his eyes being closed and all, but he kissed me anyways, then we werewell, it lasted only about 5 seconds...but those five seconds have taken a spot, somewhere there at the top of my "Best Moments" List, and afterwards, we were just dazed and confused, laughing, and just kinda high on eachother I guess, I just looked at him, then past his shoulder, seeing the girl who was flirting with him earlier, and I didnt wanna be mean, so as dazed and confused as both of us were, I whispered in his ear, and he went over and hugged the other girl, arent I so sweet,she got a little too excited, yet a little disapointed that all she got was a hug, but still, excited, and I felt good about it too, the rest of the night was a blur of random hugs, dancing, and catching glances at my Travvy, then, he walked me home, and we talked, still pretty dazed, and then when I got home, as one could imagine, I tried in vain to get to sleep....ya, stuff I tell ya....yup, I think thats it, buhbye!!! blog ya lata

*I ran up the door, closed the stairs, said my pj's and put on my prayers, I turned off my bed, and hopped into light, all because he kissed me goodnight.*

Embarrasment? Embarasment? Embbarassment? Embarrasment?
12.31.03 (11:39 am)   [edit]
Well, here I am, sitting here once again...comtemplating life\'s many imponderables, i mean, its kinda sad that I have nothing better to do, it being almost New Years eve and all, but my life is eventful, just not during Christmas life happens at school... but something significant DID happen yesterday, worth reading about too! So, I was just sitting here at the computer, not 43 hours ago, just playing some games, watching my instant messengers, seeing if anyone would come on, and the little \"online\" light went on, next to the name, Danny, one of my better friends, so, I start just talking to her, a little while later, Im pouring m heart out, and we\'re talking about stuff that we dont tell anyone else, about things we\'ve done, things we want to do, friends\'s boyfriends that we really like more than we should, just...everything, it was more of a one sided conversation (mine being the talking side) until I actually figured out why she wasnt being too was actually her brother on her account....!!!!!!!! I went into panic mode, and typed \"do you know who this is\" and thankfully (VERY) he did not know who I was, too bad I knew who he was..and I will never be able to look at him again...he knows way too much...omg, I was so embarrased, regardless of whether my identity was still a know what, I dont understand embarrasment, because, when you watch someone do something incredibly stupid, usually, I mean, sometimes you just feel embarrased FOR them, but usually, at least in my case, Im not thinking "oh, they should be SO embarrased" usually, Im just laughing, I would actually thank them for making me laugh, they shouldnt be embarrased, because IM not thinking about them being embarrased, Im just having a good time, but oh well, maybe Im just weird...different..ya, that must be it.., oh, please send me your embarrasing stories, Id love to publish them, and just laugh at them, lol, bcuz I probly dont even know the MEANING of embarrasment compared to some of me

"Boys are like porta-potties, they are either occupied, or full of crap"

: )
12.28.03 (5:56 pm)   [edit]
Hi, Im Dee, Im 14, and I live in MN, and welcome to my blog....